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Contact Details

Sr. No. Name of the officer (Shri/Smt.) Designation Section/Branch Contact No. E-mail
Sh. Lalit Wadhwa  CAO  CAO Wing 011-2466-1216
Financial Adviser (Housing)
Raj Pal Singh  Director (Consultant)  Director Finance 011-2466-1042
Director (Land Costing)
3      Bal Mukand Tewari      Dy. CAO     Medical 011-2466-1559

LC-I, II except Commercial Land
Penal Recovery Wing (PRW)
as Asstt. Collector, Under
Sr. AO Rohini Accounts
4     Sunita Jindal     Dy. CAO    Finance & Expenditure 011-2466-1217
Property (Tax)
CPGRAM/RTI/Public Grievances of
Finance Wing and VIP Reference
Sr. AO Co-operative Society (Accounts) 011-2466-1688
5   Kalpna Mongia   Dy. CAO  CAU (Dawrka) -
CAU (Rohini)  
Sr. AO CAU(Dwk, Rohini), FO to CE (Dwk, Rohini)  
6   Ajay Gupta   Dy. CAO  CAU (SZ), FO to CE (SZ) & Project -
FO to CE (Project & Sports)  
Sr. AO CAU (Sports) & FO to Commissioner (Sports)  
7      Pradeep Wadhwa      Dy. CAO   Planning Establishment (PE) 233-58288(340)
CAU (Hort.) & FO to CE (Hort.)
Sr. AO   CAU (Hort.) 011-22486750
CAU(NZ, CPM-II), PAO (EW), FO to Director
(Hort. North, FO to CE (NZ)
FO To Director (SE)
8   Rohit Kumar Sachdeva   Dy. CAO Accounts (Main) 011-2466-1199
Sr. AO  Cash (Main) 011-2466-1608
East Zone (NPRS)
9 S.K.Minocha Dy. CAO Advisor (Project) 011-2466-1209
10   S.C. Gandhi   Dy.CAO (Consultant)  Dy. FA(H)-II 011-2466-1771
Audit & Contingency
Sr. AO Commercial Land 011-2466-1710
11   Arun Kumar Jain   Dy.CAO (Consultant)  Dy. FA(H)-I 011-2466-1617,
Sr. AO Cash Housing 011-2466-1614
12   Gurmail Singh   Dy.CAO (Consultant)   Works 011-2466-1616
13  Manik Mukherji  Dy.CAO (Consultant)  Establishment 011-2466-1704
Pension 011-2466-1577
14 N.K. Bhasin AO (Consultant) External Audit 011-2466-1579

15  Prakash Chand  AO (Consultant)  HAC 011-2466-1790
General (H)
16  Naresh Chander  AO (Consultant)  Pension Cell 011-2466-1567
Contingency 011-2466-1201
17   Suresh Chandra Sharma   AO (Consultant)   Works 011-2466-1616
GIS 011-2466-1620
Property Tax
18   Sunil Kumar Verma   AO (Consultant)   Estt.(Housing) 011-2466-1676
SFS(H) 011-2466-1790
Co-ordination (Housing) 011-2466-1768
19   Kailash Kumar Wadhwa   AO (Consultant)   Accounts (Main) 011-2466-1199
Rohini Zone (NPRS)
South Zone (NPRS)
20  Ajay Kumar Gupta  AO (Consultant)  Legal Department 011-2466-1315
21  Balak Ram Chaudhary  AO (Consultant)  Pension Cell-I 011-2466-1567
NPS & Coordination
22 Jitendra Kumar AO (Consultant) Vigilance 011-2466-1283
23 M.K. Gupta AO (Consultant) Estt.(Gaz.) 011-2466-1709
24  Madan Gopal  AO (Consultant)  Internal Audit 011-2466-1579
Dwarka (NPRS)
25 Shyam Lal Mrig AO (Consultant) PAO (EW) and AO (PE) for Establishment Work 233-58288(340)
26 Pramod Kumar AO (Consultant) Medical Cell 011-2466-1573/ 1560
27   Balbir Singh   AO (Consultant)   NG-II 011-2466-1610]in
28  Mukesh Kumar Bhatia  AO (Consultant)  North Zone (NPRS) 011-2466-1631
Manager (LM) 011-2466-1631
29 Kaushik Kumar AO (Consultant) CAU (Sports) For Establishment Work 011-26490865