DDA at a Glance

  • We foresee the complex needs of the changing times. We think, plan and work for the future of Delhi. Ever since its inception in 1957, Delhi Development Authority has pioneered the process of development in the city. A Master Plan was formulated by DDA in 1962, which ensured a balanced development of Delhi by creating new residential extension areas which were self-contained and provided a healthy and secure environment. The plan was revised in 1982 and now DDA is all set to meet the challenge of accommodating the needs of the projected population of 128 lakhs by the end of this decade with its comprehensive Master Plan for Delhi 2001.

We cater to your every need. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, horticulture, institutional or recreational. At DDA building is an unending process.

DDA has so far acquired 67354.88 acres of land and out of which 59504 acres have already been developed.

  • 30713.95 acres developed for residential purposes.
  • 3250.45 acres developed for Industrial purposes.
  • 8890.70. acres developed for Horticulture purposes.
  • 10512.73 acres developed for Govt. & Semi Govt. & for other Organization for providing public facilities.
  • 6583.31 acres for slum and JJ (MCD).
  • 5806.15 acres for Cooperative Societies (CHBS).
  • 281.91 acres for 100m Road Narela Project 2
  • 14.38 acres for 80m Road Narela Project
  • 87.50 acres for utilization in Delhi Noida Bridge
  • 1013.80 acres balance with DDA.

We provide convenient and decentralised commercial spaces and workplaces nearer to places of residence. DDA has so far developed:

  • 7 District Centres with spaces for shopping, commercial offices, cinemas, hotels, guest houses, service industries, bus terminals, telephone exchanges, post & telegraph offices etc., each serving a population upto 10 lakhs and above.
  • 27 Community Centres with spaces for shopping, offices, cinemas hotels, service industries, post offices, dispensaries, weekly markets, etc., catering to a population upto 5 lakhs.
  • 125 Convenient Shopping Centres with spaces for shopping, informal shops, commercial offices, community halls and libraries etc., catering to a population of about 50 thousand. 429 Local shopping Centres with spaces for shopping (retail, service, repair) and informal shopping, serving a population upto 1 lakh.

  • e-facilitate Institutional & Industrial development as part of city building, which make Delhi a land of opportunities. DDA has so far allotted land to various institutions for social, educational, cultural and religious purposes. Some of the landmark institutional are at Siri Fort, Katwaria Sarai, Qutab Institutional area, etc. Also, various Industrial areas catering to almost 12000 units have been developed in all corners of the city.

We protect greens and provide you a healthier and a cleaner environment by keeping extensive open spaces and retaining the green belts and forests. Environmental protection has been DDA' growing concern. Delhi today is one of the greenest capitals of the world. DDA has developed 5050.97 hectares of green land is under DDA's jurisdiction which has been developed in the form of:

  • 4 Regional Parks
  • 25 City Forests
  • 111 District Parks
  • 225 Neighbourhood Parks
  • 15 Sports Complexes

We offer sports facilities to people who cannot join the exclusive social clubs of the city. DDA has made concerted efforts to take sports to the doorsteps of Delhites by developing:

  • 15 Sports Complexes in all zones of Delhi with facilities for indoor and outdoor games.
  • There are 19 multigyms in sports complexes including mini sports complexes and Qutab Golf Course and 21 in green areas.
  • One 18 hole Public Golf Course at Lado Sarai - QGC
  • A 9 hole Public Golf Course at Bhalswa – BGC.
  • Hundreds of unorganized play fields in different colonies all over Delhi.

We preserve the ancient glory of Delhi while developing it into a planned city. DDA is ensuring that the Capital's unique historic character, its traditions and ethos does not get lost in the maze of modern development.

Its search and endeavour has been to help maintain hither to unknown. Delhi the land of 7 cities has about 1321 listed monuments and an umpteen number of buildings which speak volumes about its traditions and culture.

'DDA Urban Heritage Award' instituted in the year 1993 for the maintenance of old buildings still in use is an effort in that direction.

DDA has also consituted the "Urban Heritage Foundation" in 1999.

We work to provide the best of living to the coming generations. Some of our major projects envisage to build up an integrated, self-contained townships equipped with all amenities. One of the mega projects is Dwarka:

  • Spread over an area of about 5648 hectares, 20% of which will be maintained as green.
  • Effective linkages with the city.
  • A self contained sub-city with a university campus, police stations, hospitals, schools, recreational spaces, commercial spaces and every amenity that makes houses homes.

We think ahead to cater to the needs of the future times. Rohini, an extensive township planned in sectors and located on the north western part of the city is spread over 3497 hectares. A sub-city planned to provide all amenities and facilities for a population of about 10. 1 lakhs.

We make shopping easy for those living in the lower and middle class localities. DDA has developed some suitable places in every colony as Janta Markets where the road squatters are provided space temporarily for specified period of working, on daily basis. This shall help prevent traffic jams and inconvenience to the pedestrians.So far 30 sites have been earmarked, out of which the one at Pitampura has already been constructed and put to operation. The work on the other two sites is already in progress and by the end of the year 15 more sites will be set up.

We propose to usher in the new millennium with flyovers all over the city which will decongest the city and provide it an effective circulation system. Delhi the city of myriad opportunities historic buildings, modern flyovers, residential colonies, throbbing commercial spaces is a home for millions and inspiration and hope for hundreds of millions.

6 Flyovers have been completed in Phase-I, the seventh is in advance stage of completion.

7 more flyovers were taken up for construction in Phase-II.

It is DDA's commitment and dedication that it has withstood the pressures of urbanization and population,

Yes, DDA proudly builds this capital of India.

Office: Vikas Sadan, New Delhi-110023. Telephone: 011-24690431/24690435
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